WebKB for Sisyphus-I

The Sisyphus problems are intended to enable the comparison of knowledge acquisition tools.
Sisyphus-I is an office allocation problem. This interface shows how it is solved using WebKB.
Click here to see an article explaining the solution (and here for slides).

The following text area includes the commands which are sent to the WebKB processor.
The default set of commands first specifies an ontology for the data set to use (rationale here)
then the data set, and finally the script to run.
(The whole article may also be used: "load ../../doc/papers/sisyphus1/index.html").
Replace "sisyphus1DataSet1.html" by "sisyphus1DataSet2.html" to indicate another predefined data set.
You may create your own ontologies, data sets and scripts and test them by giving their URLs.
You may also directly insert knowledge assertion and query commands in the text area below.