First test file for Formalised English

This document is executable by WebKB-1. To try that, click here or copy paste the command "run ../kb/testFE.html;" (without the quotes) in WebKB-1's Knowledge-based Information Retrieval/Handling Tool. The results are printed in the Conceptual Graph Linear Form.

Examples of assertions

Part(Thing,Thing) /* there is no predefined type and
the signature of Part is too general to be guessed by WebKB */;

A cat is watching a mouse and is on a table, on a mat and near a box.

Many cats are watching a mouse that is on a table which is on a mat that is near a box.

Tom is a cat.

Tom is watching a mouse that is on a table,
  and is near a box with content a cup with content some milk.

A square is a rectangle that has for part 4 sides with measure a certain length.

A model_of_problem_solving_expertise is a model.

A typical KADS1_conceptual_model has for part
{a model_of_problem_solving_expertise, a model_of_communication_expertise,
 a model_of_cooperation_expertise}.

A typical knowledge_design has for input a KADS1_conceptual_model and
has for output a knowledge_base_system.

//on def;spec [Thing];

Examples of queries

Is there a cat that is watching a mouse ?

Is there a cat named Tom ?

Is there a thing which is part of a thing ?

? BinaryRel;