The WebKB languages

The WebKB-2 languages

WebKB-2 accepts the language FS (For Structuration) which currently includes the following 3 sub-languages.
        Examples for theses languages are given by two documents which are also test files:
        - syntactic examples: adding, removing or searching categories and statements (simple, contextualized, ...)
        - ontological examples: representing states, processes, descriptions, characteristics, time, space, ...

Other sub-languages will be added: FE ("Formalized English" or "For English") which is an English-like version of FCG, and FDE ("For Document Elements") to directly connect document elements (e.g. sentences, images, sections, whole documents) by relations. (These sub-languages are described in a separate document).
Finally, we may add other alternatives to FCG that are less readable or expressive but more common, e.g. CGLF (Conceptual Graph Linear Format), CGIF (Conceptual Graph Interchange Format) and RDF (Resource Description Format).

A comparison of FCG, FE, CGLF, CGIF can be found in my ICCS'02 article. A comparison of these languages with RDF can be found here.

The WebKB-1 languages

WebKB-1 accepts a variant of FS with more sub-languages.

Philippe A. MARTIN